SAE Supra 2018

SAE SUPRA 2018 was an enthralling event for us. The event was held at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida from the 11th June to 16th June.

sae supra 2018
This was the 4th time Team Kratos Racing was participating in SAE SUPRA
The team had earlier managed to win consecutive titles of SAE Supra in 2016 and 2017 respectively.
So even this year, the expectations were running high as there was a lot to expect from a team of this caliber. And even due to the unavoidable mistakes which were caused at the last event, the team was indeed pumped up and was back with vengeance.
This year the team had launched its fourth prototype project of the Fireblade series named FIREBLADE 4.0.

Day 0

( 11th June)
The Day 0 of the event had rolled out as various teams from all parts of the country were at the Buddh International Circuit with their Race prototypes.

The Day 0 was mostly spent with all the teams getting themselves registered and preparing their vehicle for Technical Inspection to be held on the following day. Total 126 teams registered out of which 112 teams turned up for the event .







Day 1

(12th June)

And the Day 1 of SAE Supra started with teams rushing to line up their vehicle for the Technical Inspection. Fortunately, there were total 8 bays for the Technical Inspection. So there was a smooth movement for the Technical Inspection. The first attempt of the Technical Inspection for all the teams went long as the Judges went on with a detailed safety check of the vehicle. It took almost an hour for the teams who entered the TI bay for their first attempt. In our first attempt, we had a few changes coming in from the judges.  

Issues faced during the 1st TI attempt:

-They asked us to seal the firewall closing near the inner members of the chassis just below the main hoop.

-We were asked to constraint the fuel hose and the wiring harness at few points

-The clearance between the Tie-rod and Lower A-arm was less during full steer.

-We were asked to carry out proper sealing at dome ends between the bulkhead and front hoop.

-The judges were considerate about the shoulder harness angles for both the drivers.

Reappearing for TI would result in again getting back to the long queue. This year there was no separate queue for the vehicles who were attempting their 2nd TI. Quite a few teams including us struggled with time there. But fortunately, before the day was called off, we cleared our Technical Inspection in our second attempt.

We were among the 4 teams who cleared their Technical Inspection on Day 1.

The team quickly lined up for the Weight Check and Egress respectively on the same day.

A hectic, but a positive day came to an end as everyone sighed with relief for clearing the TI on day 1.

Day 2

(13th June)

A new day, but still loads of work on our Beast as it needed to be ready for the Tilt, Noise and Brakes Test respectively.

Usually, as we knew and had a bit of experience from our previous events, the team was expecting to clear all the remaining tests by afternoon.

But the Tilt Test itself proved to be slightly odd as we did not clear it in the First attempt. Tilt judge was trying to rotate the outer wheel which comparatively had the less normal reaction.

After a few teams had a query about this, the judges finally gave the clearance after reviewing with the officials. The team cleared the tilt test in the afternoon just before lunchtime and were next lined up for the noise test.


Noise test didn’t face any significant issues and it was cleared in the very first attempt.

Just after the noise test, the car went for engine inspection and in no time, it was ready for the final brakes test which would give all the Three stickers and get the car into dynamic events.

Kudos to our brakes system by whom the car got all the four wheels locked in the very First Attempt.

A great day came to an end with the car getting cleared from all the safety checks and was ready for the dynamic events.

But, still, the day for the team went on as they started preparing for the static events which included Design event, Cost Event and Business Plan Presentation scheduled for the next day.

Day 3

(14th June)


It’s Statics Day..!

A big day for the team as it aimed to give their best in statics as it was lagging a bit from past few years.

The Design Event was scheduled for 11:30 AM.

Still, the team reached quite early on that day and attempted Skidpad and Acceleration in the morning session.

A magnificent performance by our very own driver ‘Shubhaang Digge’ ensured us a clean swipe in Skid-pad event with the best timing of 5.645 seconds.

There were some minute things which got overlooked and it did not favor us in the Acceleration event.

The car didn’t quite have that start which it needed during acceleration and the problem that came in front was small air gaps in the fuel line.

The fuel line was not primed properly. As we all know, during the shipping of the vehicles, the fuel tanks are totally dry and during the refueling of the vehicle, the fuel line still had some air gaps which caused an overall bad performance at the acceleration event. MISTAKES MADE… LESSONS LEARNT…

We headed straight back to the crank area and made sure that all the air gaps are fixed. 

A shaky but a good start to the dynamic events.

Just after acceleration, the team got ready for the static events.

                We started with the Cost event.

Three judges were present at the cost bay. This time, judges were looking for certain pre-requisite materials in the cost report which included zip ties, aluminum tapes, Teflon, etc. Still, judges didn’t enter the costing of the vehicle much but were focussed on design aspects for the major time.

The team had worked vigorously on its Design Report. Be it from any section, the team always stuck to one thing that is reliability when it came to Design Considerations.

Innovations never lacked in any system. Take it from brakes where advanced topics like Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was validated to the composites system where carbon fiber was coming in use with the dome, side pods, steering wheel and the track rods manufactured and analyzed in our very innovation center. Even the Data Acquisition System(DAQ) took a major leap by introducing telemetry which recorded various on-track live data. Judges were quite impressed by our efforts put in each system. Thus we had significantly more time explaining our engineering concepts that we applied in the car to all the gathered esteemed judges.

In the late afternoon came the Business Plan Presentation at around 3:30 PM.

In Business Plan Presentation, judges were focussed on the future Financial planning of the vehicle. Judges were testing the teams on how much is their vehicle ready in front of the future market.

The team started the presentation with a small video explaining all the technical aspects of the car and ended with the feedback session.

Business plan presentation too turned out to be a very good one with all positivity coming around at the end of the presentation. Post the Business Plan Presentation, we took a brief view of the Autocross Track watching the competing teams getting to the best of their potential to get the Best time.  

A very busy, yet a great day came to an end with completing all the static events successfully.

Day 4

(15th June)

It was just one day before the final day, and all eyes were set on the autocross.

Drivers usually would get to test the vehicle in test area once in a day.

The team went into the testing area around 10 am in morning. Got the tires warm and lined up Quickly for the Autocross.

If you would take a closer look at the autocross track, it had too much of gravel which resulted in uncontrolled feedback to the driver in some patches. Plus the track had tricky cone markings which left most of the drivers confused. So one needed to be very composed and thorough with the autocross track before driving which what exactly our both drivers did. They took time, time and time to analyze the track very well. And it’s indeed a proud moment for us to say that both of our drivers finished autocross event with unbeatable timings and that too with ‘No Penalties’. Both of our drivers finished the autocross event with unbeatable timings of 1:49 minutes( Abhishek Patil) and 1:53 (Shubhaang Digge) respectively.

The team is very particular when it comes to verifying all the checksheets.

And that habit of the team favored us very significantly.

After the first Autocross attempt, when the team was set for the second attempt, one of our system heads was checking the tire pressure and it was noticed that the rear-left tire had comparatively fewer pressure readings. It was a tire puncture. The team quickly responded to this by changing the set of tires before attempting for 2nd Autocross.

That inspection proved to be very vital for us.

What an event it turned out to be before that final day.

The team was very high on confidence after the 4th day. All that team needed was calmness and composure on the last day.

Day 4 ended with some excellent timings of autocross and the day of the moment wasn’t too far along. The Endurance event right from the track of Buddh international circuit.

Day 5

(16th June)

The final day, everyone was pumped up, emotions were running high, many things were on the stake and most importantly there was a deep wound of the past which needed to heal. Destiny was being seen in front. All that team needed was that right run to achieve it. And everyone was hoping that once the car crosses the finish line, there was a lot to be written in books which would stay eternal.

Some wise words from our seniors whom we often refer to as ‘ legends’ told us only one thing. “EVERYONE IN LIFE IS LOOKING FOR A CERTAIN RUSH. RACING IS WHERE YOU’LL FIND YOURS..”Stay calm, Stay focused. It’s the day we all have been waiting for. Take a look back at your training logs to remind yourself that you have done every possible thing to prepare. The race is just a fun part of it. Let’s go out there, Let’s win the race, let’s win people’s hearts.

Those words of wisdom were just too heavy to hit the hearts of every team member of this family with compassion and willingness to just win.

And that’s where all that pays off…

1st in Design.

1st in Skidpad. (5.645 sec)

1st in Autocross. (1.49 min)

1st in Engineering Excellence.

1st in CAE

1st in Business Plan Presentation.

And overall?

We are known as CHAMPIONS.

2016              2017                2018


And still, there won’t be any stopping.

The team will grow every year, better than ever.

And now there’s something really ambitious lined up for the team in future.

This path won’t be easy at all.

Failures may occur even before the start, but the team won’t stop, as it starts once again to work together for something really big.

As it’s the right time to think about future.

The only message team wants to convey to everyone is that


Ending this with a quote: