Formula Bharat 2018

Formula Bharat 2018


Formula Bharat 2018 was an enthralling event for us. The event was held at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore from the 25th Jan to 28th Jan 2018. At Formula Bharat 2018 we participated in 2 events:
1) Formula Bharat CombustionStatics and Dynamics.
2) Electric Vehicle Concept Challenge- Statics.

The event was held over a period of 4 days consisting of Static Events and Dynamic Events.
The whole of the event in a nutshell:


Day 1

Day 2



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Day 3

Day 4






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Day 1

The day kicked off as we assembled our vehicle and lined up for the Technical Inspection. The Technical Inspection went around for almost 2 hours and the Judges asked us a query on our brake system as we were using a TMC (Tandem Master Cylinder). They asked, “Would our front and rear brake system be dependent or independent circuits?” We then had a few issues with our wire-locking that we had used for the brake disc followed by issues with the scatter shield, firewall sealing, and hose- clamps. With these issues turning up on Day 1, we could not clear our technical inspection.



Day 2

With all the dynamic events lined up on day 3, we were determined to clear the technical inspection on Day 2. Day 2 was the Static Day, the presentation team was all set to showcase their Design, Cost and Business Plan to the panel. We got the Fireblade ready for Cost and Manufacturing event, where the judges evaluate the team’s ability to present and explain BOM, C-BOM and Cost Understanding. The Cost Event went pretty good as the judges gave us a Positive feedback.

The Business Plan Presentation was to follow, an event where the B-plan team has to demonstrate how their product can become an effective business model. The Judges are considered as your potential investors/ partners and you are expected to present your business case presentation. They highlighted our good knowledge of finances and the perfect coordination among the presenters. We cleared the Tech Inspection just after the Business Plan Presentation. We were among the Top 4 teams to clear the Technical Inspection. The Fireblade was then taken for the Tilt test (the vehicle is inclined at an angle of 60 degrees). After clearing the Tilt, Fireblade cleared the Noise Test (108dB). The Design team was all set as they approached the design bay to present before Pat Clarke. The judges not only appreciated our Design but also our Project Management. At Formula Bharat 2017, we had compliance in our wheel assemblies. This year we worked on the same by improving our design and using better design practices.

 This year at Formula Bharat we had almost nil compliance in our wheel assemblies and the judges were satisfied with that. The last sticker of clearing the Brakes test gave our Fireblade its final touch.








Day 3

The Fireblade was all fuelled up, the drivers pumped up and the team was determined to GET, SET, GO. With the dynamic run, the Fireblade was ready to get up with it.

Acceleration ( 75 m acceleration patch) – 4.591 secs ( Rank 4th) Points 59.49

Skidpad (Trace the figure of 8) – 6.518 secs ( Rank 2nd) Points – 61.05

Autocross – 55.510 sec ( Rank 1st) – 100 Points

Business Plan – 52.71 points

Cost and Manufacturing Event – 56 Points

Design Event – 115 Points
1st place in AutoCross – The entire team cheering, heartbeats pumping up, constant eyes on the timer.

2nd in SkidPad ( Our driver with his eyes constantly on the inner cones)

4th in Acceleration (And you hear your driver launch the vehicle just at the perfect RPM soothes your mind)

          This year Formula Bharat had organized the Electric Vehicle Concept Challenge, wherein it was not expected to display your prototype vehicle, we had to present the Vehicle Design, Market Research and Sustainability report and Business Case presentation.

Market Research and Sustainability report– The aim was to acquire quotations and to know the various costs to be incurred during the manufacturing of an Electric Vehicle. Also how electric vehicles help with sustainable mobility. The judges appreciated our market research because of the vast market study supported by detailed and precise documents.

Business Plan Presentation – The aim was to present before the panel a to be a potential business model. We were suggested to work on our finances a bit more and go into every detail.

Engineering Design– The panel suggested us to give more focus on battery chemistry and types to motors to be used.



Day 4

And finally, the day arrives, the day on which you all have worked so hard. The day started early as we inspected the entire vehicle followed by the fueling up. The line-up for the endurance was inverse to that of the autocross scores with the last 3 teams shuffled. We lined up at the start line with the drivers focused, calm and determined for the Endurance. The first half of the endurance went pretty good as we had an average of 1 min 13 secs. We had an engine issue during the driver change and thus could not complete the endurance run. With a great set of scores in all the other dynamic and static events, we managed to achieve an Overall Rank 6th.


“It was great to see all the teams put up a great show with a level of competency as well as a spirit of formula student
. The team members interacted with the competing teams and they exchanged knowledge and experience of their vehicle with enthusiasm and spirit of

Formula Student.

Formula Bharat shows up the cumulative efforts of a team to
display what all you do. Team Kratos Racing will come back stronger at Formula Bharat 2019. The team
is determined, dedicated to make one more memorable season with the Fireblade.”


As its rightly said,

“You might take home the cup, more likely not, but no matter what, You – All of You are WINNERS – of Friends, of Experience, of Hearts”